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Former Cerezo midfielder starts a new challenge in Australia

Posted at — Jul 18, 2016

Former Cerezo Osaka midfielder Jumpei Kusukami, who moved to Sagan Tosu this season, has signed with A-League side Western Sydney Wanderers on a full transfer.

Kusukami, the product of highly renowned Yasu High School, joined Cerezo Osaka in 2013, after graduating from Doshisha University and spending 3 years at Kawasaki Frontale. He is well-known as a skillful dribbler, just like his former teammate at Yasu, Takashi Inui. Perhaps the biggest difference with the Eibar midfielder lies in a finishing ability. Kusukami played more than 80 games during his stay at Cerezo and scored only 4 goals, although it should be noted that he got relatively few opportunities to play from the start of the game.

At Western Sydney Wanderers, Jumpei Kusukami reunites with his former teammate Mitch Nichols, who commented “I will look after him” to Toru Araiba’s Instagram post.

オーストラリアへ。 順平が海外でプレーするのを観るの楽しみやな〜 俺も色んな選手を見てきたけど細かいタッチでターンする技術とドリブルの初速の速さは間違いなくNo. 1やったで! 俺の前でプレーしてる時はドリブル速すぎてオーバーラップする気なくなったからな… でもドリブルでどんどん抜いていけるのに最後のシュートが…笑 よく一緒にシュート練習したけどやっぱ俺の方がうまかったもんな!笑 このことを結婚式の時に順平の恩師が同じ話して もっとゴール決めれる様になれば日本代表になれる言うてたけど俺もほんまそう思うわ! だから向こうに行ってもゴールにこだわって日本代表として帰ってこれるように頑張ってや〜 #横の奥さんもなかなかゴール出来へんから泣いてるやん #あっ、これはお母さんか… #どこいっても愛されるキャラは海外でも通用しますように! #Mitchによろしく #楠神順平 #サガン鳥栖 #セレッソ大阪 #川崎フロンターレ #ウェスタンシドニーワンダラーズ #Aリーグ #野洲高校

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Kusukami has become the fourth Japanese player to play at WSW after Shinji Ono, Yojiro Takahagi, and Yusuke Tanaka who currently plays at Cerezo Osaka. Wish you all the best, Kusukami!

みんなにも負けへんで #セレッソ大阪#仲間

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