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Cerefes: Come wearing swimsuits then you can enter for free!

Posted at — Jul 19, 2017

Recently Cerezo Osaka have made a lot of business efforts to attract more people to the stadium on a game day. The latest one is something like “come wearing swimsuits then you can enter the stadium for free!”


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This event, named “Cerezo Water Festival – Cerefes,” is going to be held on August 5 (against Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo) and said to be the first endeavor by any J.League club (But it seems Machida Zelvia did a similar event in 2014). Of course it is easily predicted that some problem may occur inside the stadium, so people are asked to wear normal clothes when watching the game.

Even in such an event (or because of the nature of the event), there are rules to be followed. For example, they have to be older than junior high students. They are allowed to wear just swimsuits and not T-shirts or hoodies, but after finishing registration and taking a commemorative photo, they aren’t allowed to keep wearing them as I just wrote.

One can suspect that there is anyone who wants to join this event. At least to a man like me, wearing swimsuits in front of crowds (and not on the beach) simply doesn’t make sense and may even cause fear. Of course the club staff aren’t fool or naive, so it seems they invite girls who don’t care at all to wear them in a public place to the stadium. Some girls from TryHard Campaign Girls, a group I’ve never heard of but which seemingly work as promotional models, will be there at the stadium with a bikini.

Will it end up being a good challenge or not? Let’s wait for the event.