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Sekiguchi finally gets a reply from his favorite idol

Posted at — Jul 20, 2017

Our number 7 Kunimitsu Sekiguchi is known as a fan of Sayaka Yamamoto, a NMB48 member whose popularity is one of the highest among the members of Yasushi Akimoto’s giant idol groups.

In fact, he hasn’t hidden his feelings towards her on Twitter, for example, writing that he bought her first album as a solo singer.

He even publicly said that he wanted to see her and watch their theater concert, and that he was disappointed at the fact she liked baseball rather than football.

And finally, he got a reply from her after he posted a photo of a magazine with her on its cover and another tweet saying he went to NMB48 shop and bought T-shirts.

The conversation is like this:

Yamamoto: Sorry for the sudden reply. Thank you very much as always (>_<) Please visit our theater concert too when you have time (^^)
Sekiguchi: I’ll take time to visit your theater and concert!! And I would be glad if you also visit our stadium😊 I’ll give you our uniform as a gift too✌ The number will be 48 (laugh)

Why 48 (the number on her group’s name) not his number? I don’t know, but it’s true that he became extremely happy when he saw her reply. “I was so glad and excited that I couldn’t sleep well last night (laugh). A dream comes true!” Sekiguchi told El Golazo writer Hisashi Oda today.