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Spanish defender Osmar set to join Cerezo Osaka on loan

Posted at — Feb 12, 2018

A surprising news came out today after South Korean K-League side FC Seoul announced Spanish defender Osmar would leave the team on loan to unnamed Japanese “big club.” Since then, some South Korean news outlets reported that the “big club” is Cerezo Osaka.

At first, a website named Footballist reported that there’s a high possibility for Osmar to join Cerezo Osaka. It was based on their interview with “a person involved with the J.League” and also said that Ricardo will leave the team to vacate a foreign player spot. Later, the South Korean edition of Goal added that FC Seoul didn’t reveal the name of that “big club” because there are still some procedures to be done before finalization and Cerezo want to focus on the match ahead against Jeju United FC.

Initially, I didn’t believe his destination would be Cerezo Osaka because of the simple fact: Cerezo already have 6 foreign players (Kim Jin-Hyeon, Souza, Jonjic, Yang Dong-Hyun, and Ricardo, plus Chaowat who is from Thailand, J.League’s associated country, and thus isn’t counted as a foreign player) and there is no foreign player spot available. Even if Cerezo part ways with Ricardo, it may not be a solution because only 3 foreign players plus 1 Asian player can be simultaneously registered for a game. Most likely, Kim, Souza, Jonjic, and Yang will be selected. Then, who can accept being out of the pitch for the most part and selected only sometimes? That’s why I didn’t believe this rumor. But somehow my prediction is likely to be wrong.

As I wrote before, I had some concerns about their defense and mentioned the need to reinforce it, while I also said it would be very difficult. I honestly don’t know much about Osmar, but if this rumor is true, a player who can play as a defender as well as a defensive midfielder is a perfect addition. Let’s see how it goes.