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Yoichiro Kakitani's transfer to Gamba Osaka could be wrapped up within days, report says

Posted at — Jun 10, 2018

More media reports came out after Sports Hochi and Sports Nippon reported Gamba Osaka have made an offer for Yoichiro Kakitani yesterday.

Asahi Shimbun, one of the five nationwide daily newspapers, reported last night that, based on their source inside Gamba, the Suita side have made a formal offer to sign Kakitani this summer. Gamba official admitted it and said “if he joins us, it will be a massive addition in terms of scoring.”

Gamba manager Levir Culpi was asked by the press about the rumor after their win against Jubilo Iwata yesterday, but their staff stopped and he didn’t tell them anything, according to Sports Hochi.

This morning, another sports newspaper Nikkan Sports came in and reported Kakitani’s transfer to Gamba could be wrapped up within days. According to the article, Kakitani’s contract with Cerezo Osaka will end at the end of the season and Gamba offered him ¥100m as an annual wage.