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Nagaishi, Mogi, Yamane send farewell message to Uozato

Posted at — Aug 13, 2018

Although he has played at Cerezo Osaka for only less than a year, Naoya Uozato seems to be liked very much by his teammates. Takumi Nagaishi, Shu Mogi, and Towa Yamane, who have played along with Uozato at Cerezo Osaka U-23, sent him a farewell message on social media.

Nagaishi, who also joined the team from university this year, said he was happy to play together with Uozato and wished him good luck in an Instagram and Twitter post. Mogi, who “had been always together” with Uozato, said he was really sad to hear this news and hoped to play together again. Yamane tweeted his appreciation for the “very kind and manly senpai” and introduced him to Tottori supporters as “very likable man.”


半年という短い期間だったけど 一緒にプレーできて楽しかった。 違うチームでもお互い頑張ろな!! オフシーズンには釣りに行こう。笑 さかな、また会おう🐟🤝 #魚里直哉 #プロ一年目の同期 #ありがとう #ガイナーレ鳥取 #セレッソ大阪

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