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Kenyu Sugimoto aims to come back against FC Tokyo

Posted at — Oct 10, 2018

Kenyu Sugimoto decided not to have a surgery for his shoulder dislocation after consulting with doctors, trainers, and Yuto Nagatomo who faced the same situation in the past, reported Blogola.

Sugimoto had to leave the pitch after less than a minute the league game against Shonan Bellmare kicked off.

He had been considering whether he should take a surgery and stay outside the pitch for months, or not take a surgery and come back soon with a possibility of his injury worsening.

Among the people he talked with in deciding which way to go was Japan international Yuto Nagatomo who suffered the same injury multiple times. “I thought it would be the best if I could talk with someone who experienced a dislocation, so I asked Yuto-kun,” Sugimoto said.

“Yuto-kun didn’t choose to have a surgery in the past, and I also didn’t want to because then I would need 4 or 5 months to come back. It was me who decided in the end but he gave me advice including about how to train.”

“I personally aim to make a comeback in the next league match against FC Tokyo,” Sugimoto told Blogola.