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Yamane 'shared the pain' in his first match against his father

Posted at — Apr 29, 2019

Towa Yamane met his father at the stadium where the J3 match between Cerezo Osaka U-23 and Kataller Toyama was held today. It’s not that his father came to see him playing the game. His father, Iwao Yamane, is a former professional footballer and currently working as a head coach at Kataller Toyama.

Towa Yamane was developed through Sanfrecce Hiroshima academy, the team his father spent 4 seasons, and joined Cerezo Osaka in 2017. Iwao Yamane was appointed as Kataller Toyama head coach this season, so this was the first time for them to face each other at the stadium.

Before the match, Towa told El Golazo writer Hisashi Oda that he wanted to see his father how he’s progressed, win and take a picture with him, but the result was a scoreless draw. Yamane repeatedly approached the box from the left side but unfortunately couldn’t find the net.

After the match, Yamane tweeted “the first match against my father ended in a share-the-pain result. Next time, I will surely score a goal and make a victory pose in front of him,” attaching a photo taken with his father.