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Nagoya Grampus in talks to sign Yoichiro Kakitani

Posted at — Jul 4, 2019

Nikkan Sports reported this morning that Nagoya Grampus are making a move to sign Cerezo Osaka vice captain Yoichiro Kakitani.

GM Kiyoshi Okuma later confirmed it to Nikkan Sports, while he pointed out that they have not made a formal offer for him. Okuma also revealed he already talked with the player a few times and said “first, what he thinks and decides to do. That’s the starting point.”

Although how many years are left in his contract with the club is unknown, he extended it last year because his previous contract was due to expire at the end of the last season according to last year’s Nikkan Sports report. At least Nagoya have to pay some money if they want to acquire him this summer.

Kakitani refused to comment on the report.